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Volunteering with FT6 means that you will be part of a movement that humanizes homelessness in Toronto, elevating the voice of a community that is often unheard. You will use your unique skills in conjunction with a team of like minded volunteers who have a similar vision to give back and create a better city. Our program model to give back to the homeless community is easy, simple, and incredibly meaningful for all involved. 

Volunteering with FT6 is an ongoing commitment that is accessible, manageable, and gratifying. Your ideas and opinions as a volunteer will be respected and heard, and you will have an unforgettable year being part of a lively, close-knit volunteer group with fun themed meetings. 

Volunteer terms are generally for one year starting in June. Open positions are posted on Charity Village but email us at info@fixthe6ix.ca anytime to learn how you can be part of our dynamic team!