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About us

Who we are

Fix the 6ix exists to alleviate, destigmatize, and humanize homelessness. 

We alleviate homelessness by combining and re-purposing gift cards to purchase wish list items for homeless shelters in Toronto. Learn more about our ReGiftcard Program

We Humanize Homelessness through our street outreach program. Fix the 6ix interviews individuals with lived experience to elevate their voices and destigmatize this community. 

Fix the 6ix is a volunteer committee trusteed by West Neighbourhood House, a United Way agency. Fix the 6ix was started by Deanna Lentini in 2016.



Fix the 6ix exists to alleviate, destigmatize and humanize homelessness.


• To alleviate homeless shelter budget pressures as a result of gift card donations

•To create an environment where people experiencing homelessness feel included

• To inspire a new understanding of homelessness and it's complexities in Toronto


The beliefs at the core of our work
• Kindness
• Compassion
• Social Justice
• Human Dignity

meet our team

Working together to make it better

Digital Media Pillar Leader
ReGiftCard Operationalist
Deanna Fixthe6ix
Committee Director & Founder
Humanize Homelessness Operationalist
ReGiftcard Leader
Finance Leader