Fix the 6ix is hiring a new team of dedicated volunteers for 2017/2018! If you are passionate about making your city a better place, we want to hear from you! We are hiring executive and core-team members.

If you find a job description that is the right fit for you, awesome! Please fill out Google form that corresponds to your position of interest, and submit your resume to with the subject line: 2017/2018 team. 

Time line:
April 26th to May 21st: Job descriptions live, taking applications
May 28th: Candidates selected for an interview are contacted
June 3rd to June 10th: Interviews

Term length: June 11th 2017 to June 10th 2018. Team members will have a mentoring/training period from June 11th to July 30th 2017 to transition them into the role. Formal roles and independent work begins August 1st 2017.

Job Descriptions

Executive Team: two Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator

  • Executive team meets once weekly in-person/over skype
  • Entire team meets once monthly in-person, exec must attend
  • Executive team meets with their portfolio leads once weekly over skype
  • Exec members must be comfortable with public speaking

Vice-Chair (8 hours per week)

1. Oversees 100 for the Homies coordinator and post-secondary leads
2. Comfortable guest speaking at elementary, secondary schools, special events
3. Able to attend 100 for the Homies game-night collection and delivery once per month on a rotating basis with exec
4. Able to attend West Neighbourhood House board meetings (once every two months)
5. Able to support hands-on at summer festival tabling events and campus tabling events
6. Hands-on help with programs operations as needed (catalog gift cards, deliver ReGiftcard boxes etc.)

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: Vice Chair Google form application

Treasurer (4 hours per week)

  1. Prepare preliminary budget at the beginning of the year
  2. Maintain a record of all expenditures throughout the year
  3. Responsible for all approved reimbursements: processing forms through West Neighbourhood House
  4. Address budget at weekly executive meetings
  5. Oversees all orders for merchandise and supplies
  6. Oversees Events Planner
  7. Able to attend West Neighbourhood House board meetings (once every two months)

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: Treasurer Google form application

Fix the 6ix core team

Team members meet once monthly with the entire Fix the 6ix team, and once weekly with their exec lead

1. 100 for the Homies coordinator(s), Exec lead: Vice-Chair

100 for the Homies collects tickets once per month (Home opener to end of regular season) at the Friday or Saturday night game the Raptors are most likely to win with a score of 100+ points. 100 for the Homies collects after most at-home playoffs game in post-season (mid-April to late May). Game night collecting and counting takes 2 hours, usually 9:30pm to 11:30pm at the ACC. *Raptors fans and those with NBA knowledge encouraged to apply*

  1. Creates 100FTH schedule for the Raptors 2017/2018 Season: Strategic planning for the home games we are most likely to win
  2. Contact Real Sports Bar to reserve counting space every month
  3. Informs Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator with 3 weeks’ notice of the upcoming game with the required number of volunteers for game night collecting
  4. All shelters must be contacted before the season starts, and given a schedule of when they can expect ticket deliveries during the season
  5. Responsible to help deliver tickets to shelters after game-night
  6. Rotating exec (co-chairs/secretary/treasurer) will attend game night to supervise/help the 100FTH coordinator(s)

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: 100FTH Google form application

2. ReGiftcard Committee, Exec lead: Co-Chairs

a. ReGiftcard cataloging *Must be very comfortable on excel*

  1. Keeping an active inventory of gift cards donated, purchases made with ReGiftcards for shelters, and gift cards used for Humanizing Homelessness outreach
  2. Responsible for combining Tim’s Cards online, Starbucks cards in-store
  3. Responsible for arranging Gift Card Catalog Days (cataloging all donated gift cards with volunteers). Works with the Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers and book space for Gift Card Catalog Days.
  4. Keeping an active inventory of ReGiftcard boxes and their locations when they are loaned out, reordering more donation boxes if necessary

b. Post-Secondary ReGiftcard:

  1. Coordinating dates for February-March cross campus campaigns with the Post-Secondary campus lead
  2. Ensuring there are volunteers to pick up and deliver boxes on each campus
  3. Ensuring there are volunteers to bring the materials to the booked tabling dates, coordinating with the Tabling Events Coordinator

c. Schools and storefronts:

  1. Coordinate ReGiftcard drives for interested elementary schools and secondary schools – responsible for coordinating pick up and drop off of boxes and coordinating guest speaker for schools (exec member)
  2. Reaching out to select store fronts (boutiques, bakeries etc) to arrange seasonal drop off locations

Responsible for arranging volunteers to drop off and pick up ReGiftcard boxes for all drives arranged

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: ReGiftcard Committee Google form application

3. Communications & Marketing committee, Exec lead: Co-Chairs

  1. Graphic design and Clothing design
    1. Designing posters, signs, stickers, new logos etc; responsible for printing content
    2. New clothing
  2. Social media: managing and updating Twitter and Facebook consistent with brand image outline
  3. Webmaster: Responsible for updating the website regularly (WordPress platform)
  4. Event photographer: attending special events to photograph our volunteer outreach
  5. Instagram & Promotional photographer(s): Torontoscape photos and/or Humanize Homelessness not responsible for any team meetings

*If you are able to combine tasks on this list and do multiple items ie. Webmaster and Graphic design, that would be great

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: Communications Committee Google form application

4. Event Planner & Tabling Events Coordinator, Exec leads: reports to entire exec

  1. Event Planner: Planning anniversary party once per year (report to Treasurer)
  2. Tabling events (Dates reported to and approved by exec)
    1. Booking various festivals for June, July and August (ex. Dundas West Fest, Rib Fest etc)
    2. Requesting Volunteer Coordinator to book volunteers for tabling events (giving 3 weeks-notice for volunteer recruitment)
    3. Attend all festival tabling events, attending campus events where possible
      1. Must deliver supplies to university rep before the campus events if unable to attend
      2. Keeps inventory of tabling materials (stickers, buttons, flyers etc) and reports to treasurer if reordering is necessary

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: Event Planner & Tabling Events Google form application

5. Post-Secondary Leads, Exec lead: Vice-Chair

Fix the 6ix needs campus leads to help coordinate campus ReGiftcard drives during the February-March collecting season, and to help host tabling events on campus. If you are part of a ratified student group at your college or university, or part of your student council, member of a team, or a residence Don, we would love to partner with you to start a Fix the 6ix presence at your campus!

Looking for campus leads all across Toronto including:
1. Ryerson University
2. University of Toronto all campuses
3. Humber College

If interested in applying, fill out the Google form here: Post-Secondary Lead Google form application

 If you find a job description that is the right fit for you, awesome! Please fill out the Google form AND submit your resume to with the subject line: 2017/2018 team.