Fix the 6ix is a volunteer committee that addresses poverty in Toronto. Fix the 6ix is trusteed by West Neighbourhood House, a United Way agency.

Our programming is designed to give back to the city with no direct cost to the donor. Learn more about our two programs the ReGiftcard and Humanize Homelessness.

Mission, Vision and Values


Fix the 6ix exists to support individuals experiencing homelessness, and the organizations that advocate for them. Our goal is to provide a way to humanize the homeless community by sharing their stories to broaden the understanding of homelessness in Toronto.

We do this in three ways:

  • Re-purposing donated gift cards to provide goods and programming to shelters
  • Donating gift cards to individuals on the street
  • Humanizing homelessness by sharing the stories of those we serve

Vision: The ultimate goal

  • To alleviate internal pressure on Toronto homeless shelters by subsidizing programming
  • Giving in-kind donation to individuals on the street that offer the power of choice
  • To offer visibility and inspire a new understanding of the homeless community in Toronto

 Values: The beliefs at the core of our work

  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Social Justice
  • Human Dignity