February 2nd 2018. Raptors vs Trailblazers.

Thank you Toronto Raptors Fans! Because of your generosity, Fix the 6ix collected and donated 1780 tickets to homeless shelters and services in the city of Toronto. Special thanks to the University of Toronto Medical Biophysics student volunteer group who made this great collection possible!

December 23 2017. Raptors vs 76ers.

What a great end to 2017! Together, we collected 622 tickets valid for pizza slices. Tickets were donated to the following 6 shelters: Eva’s Place, Eva’s Satellite, Juliette’s Place, Birkdale, Covenant House, Sistering.

December 15 2017. Raptors vs Nets.

Another win! Thanks to generous Toronto Raptors fans, Fix the 6ix collected 621 tickets this evening! Tickets were donated to men’s, women’s, and youth shelters and homeless services across the city of Toronto.

December 1 2017. Raptors vs Pacers.

Thank you Toronto Raptors fans for your support! Fix the 6ix collected 1227 tickets this evening! Tickets were gift wrapped and donated to the following 9 shelters: Good Shepherd Ministries, The Gateway Salvation Army, Eva’s Place, Eva’s Satellite, Covenant House drop-in and stay-in programs, Sistering, Scott Mission, Juliettes Place, The Meeting Place.

November 17 2017. Raptors vs Knicks

Another successful night, thanks to our Raptors and the generosity of the fans! Our team collected a total of 947 tickets this evening. Tickets were donated to Youth, Men’s and Women’s shelters in Toronto.


October 21 2017. Raptors vs 76ers.

We are back for our third season! 100 for the Homies had a great start, collecting 1025 tickets! Tickets were donated to the following 8 shelters: Eva’s Place, Seaton House, Covenant House, Sistering, Youth Without Shelter, Juliette’s Place, Birkdale Residence.

Game 5! April 24

1445 Raptors tickets donated = 1445 pizza slices to those who need them most! Thank you Toronto Raptors Fans for donating your tickets after Game 5! All tickets are valid as 24 hour pizza coupons and were delivered to the following 13 shelters: Birkdale, Juliette’s Place, Eva’s Satellite, Eva’s Place, Covenant House, Fred Victor, Good Shepherd, Seaton House, Turning Point Youth, The Meeting Place, Scott Mission, Sistering and St. Felix Centre.



April 18 2017

Playoffs! After Game 2 Toronto Raptors fans donated 923 tickets! Tickets were donated to 10 shelters across Toronto including Eva’s Place, Eva’s Satellite, Juliette’s Place, Evergreen Yonge Street Mission, Good Shepherd, Covenant House, Sistering, The Meeting Place, St. Felix Centre and Scott Mission. Thank you to our volunteer team, and to Real Sports Toronto for having our team in to count out ticket donations!


March 31st 2017

Thank you Toronto Raptors fans! With your help Fix the 6ix collected 1274 tickets, which were donated to 9 shelters across the city today (Juliette’s Place, Birkdale, Eva’s Place, Eva’s Satellite, Covenant House, Good Shepherd, Seaton House, Scott Mission and Sistering)! Each ticket is redeemable for a slide of Pizza Pizza. Special thanks to our volunteer team who collected and counted donations, and to Real Sports Toronto for giving our team a great atmosphere to count ticket donations!

February 24th 2017

1,218 Raptors tickets were donated to our 100 for the Homies program tonight! Each ticket is valid for a slice of Pizza Pizza, and all were donated to 9 shelters across Toronto (Eva’s Place, Eva’s Satellite, The Meeting Place, St. Stephen’s House, Covenant House, Good Shepherd, Juliette’s Place, Scott Mission, Fred Victor). Thank you Toronto Raptors fans for your generous support that makes this program possible! Special thanks to our volunteer team, and to Real Sports Toronto for giving our team a place to count tickets.

November 12 2016

316 Raptors tickets donated = 316 Pizza Pizza coupons to Torontonians in need! Thanks to our generous Toronto Raptors fans for the donations of your tickets to Fix the 6ix. The four shelters that received ticket donations on November 13th were Eva’s Place Yonge, Eva’s Place Leslie, Juliette’s Place and Horizons for Youth.

Home Opener! October 26th 2016

Home Opener! Our 100 for the Homies program collects and donates Raptors tickets that are valid as 24 hour Pizza Pizza coupons after a 100+ point win to homeless shelters in Toronto. With thanks to the generosity of Toronto Raptors fans, we collected and donated 571 tickets valid as pizza coupons! The 8 shelters that received pizza coupon donations from our collection on October 26th are Eva’s Place Yonge, Eva’s Place Leslie, Horizons for Youth, Juliette’s Place, Birkdale Residence, Covenant House, Yonge Street Mission, and Good Shepherd.

Playoffs 2016

100 for the Homies collected a grand total of 13 787 ticket donations during the program launch in post-season 2016. The following 20 shelters were supported with pizza voucher donations during playoffs:

  • Eva’s Place
  • Eva’s Satellite
  • Horizons
  • Birkdale
  • Turning Point
  • Yonge Street Mission
  • Evergreen YSM
  • Covenant House
  • Supporting our Youth
  • Egale Youth Reach
  • The Meeting Place
  • CRC
  • Maxwell Meighan
  • Fred Victor
  • Sistering
  • Good Shepherd
  • Seaton House
  • Salvation Army
  • Scott Mission
  • St. Stephen’s Community House